Psychological Disorders In The Film What About Bob

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What about Bob is a comedy film that conveys examples of Psychological disorders in a humorous approach; through the protagonist, Bob Wiley. The movie uses comedy to project an understanding of what a person having many disorders and phobic behavior may act like in the real world and affect those around them. The protagonist, Bob Wiley inhibits maladaptive behavior therefore, Bob lives alone with his pet gold fish, Gil and works from home due to problems and difficulties he has when going outside of his apartment. To deal with his problems he assists psychotherapy and depends on his psychologist on a daily basis. Bob’s disorders and phobias unravel throughout the movie; in which you can get an understanding of how the disorders and phobias are triggered and what are the actions that take place do to having them. I chose to analyze the scene of the interview…show more content…
A treatment given in Chapter15. I believe this treatment could help Bob with his disorders and phobic behavior. For his Panic attacks and agoraphobia. I would provide Bob with several coping mechanisms like “Baby steps” to deal with his stress and his fears hands on. Which seemed to be an important factor that lead for his recovery in the movie. I would use Systematic desensitization to treat his phobias where I would provide relaxation techniques like picturing the happiest moment in his life and visualizing himself there as well as breathing in and out to provide some relief in working through his stress and anxiety. Then I would suggest working on revealing the underlying causes of his fears so that he could work through them, help him understand why he has these fears, and attempt to resolve the issues that come from them. I would prescribe Bob with GABA increasing medicines like Valium and Xanax; in order to provide more relief when dealing with the anxiety brought on by his panic

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