Shark Fins Persuasive Essay

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The practice most commonly used to obtain shark fins is to catch the shark then while the shark is still alive gasping for water the emotionless fisherman chops off all of the fins. After the fishermen get what they want they do not just simply put the poor writhing animal out of its misery they toss its half alive shell of a body into the ocean to be eaten alive by other fish as it sinks to its grave on the bottom of the cold sea floor. Now my question is, why do people think this is ok to do? If someone did this to a dog or cat per say then it would be a whole different situation. People would be outraged, calling for animal services to do something drastic about the deplorable conditions in which the poor animal was treated. I believe that this is because…show more content…
At this time we are killing over one million sharks a year from fishing and being caught in fish nets. If we do not change and sharks do go extinct our echo system will go very awry. Sharks are the top of the food chain in the ocean which seals under them, small fish under them, zooplankton under them, and phytoplankton at the very bottom. This is a very delicate ecosystem and if sharks where to go extinct many other animals would grow very overpopulated and that is never a good thing. There has been some progress with shark finning becoming illegal in some places. Some of the bans however only say that the sharks “must arrive in a 5 per cent weight ratio of the shark carcasses onboard. Only a few countries demand that sharks arrive in port with fins attached” (Shark Education What is Shark Finning?, Sharkwater). This law does have loopholes that many shark fishers have found though sadly. Many fishers are now cutting the shark’s fins of and keeping them all connected with one piece of belly skin. This is technically legal since most of the bans only say that the fins have to be all

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