Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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Humans are the only species on earth that can live on any continent on Earth. We strive on our ability to adapt to change. Whether it be climate, obstacles, or even threats from predators humanity prospered because we were able to make the best of a situation and adapt to our surroundings. Although we are no longer fighting for survival, we still are still learning from our environment and expiriences in life. In the book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, soldiers would go through horrible things that would change them from everyday citizens into war machines. Much like The Things They Carried, the movie, Big Fish, displayed how peoples expirience would change people aswell The author Tim O’Brien was drafted into the Vietnam war on June 17, 1968. When he recieved the letter, angered coursed through his veins as it tore apart his bright future he had set…show more content…
It was love at first sight and he did everything possible to make her his wife. Edward Bloom worked tirelessly for the circus in exchange to just find out her name. After he had finally found her, Sandra Templton told him that she already had a fiance. Not willing to give up that easy, he did everything in his power to woo her. Edward had her name written in the sky, projected his lover for her in her university, and even planted a field of her favorite flowers in front of where she lived. His effort was beginning to get to her. When Edward was talking to Sandra, her fiance approched them. When he was walking their way, Sandra told Edward not to hit him. So he obeyed and got beat by her fiance. Disgusted with him, Sandra told her future husband that the wedding was off and that she was going to be with Edward. Sandras expierence with Edward changed her. His valiant effort made such an impact on her that she put off an entire wedding. Similar to The Things They Carried, she changed because of her expirience with
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