Toddlers And Tiaras Research Paper

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Gorgeous blonde hair outlining a slim neck leading to an exaggerated bust, thin waist and mile long legs. This is society’s depiction of the perfect american woman. This is what a person sees when they open a magazine, log on to social media or turn on the tv. This is how all women are encouraged to look and this is the standard that determines their success. The portrayal of women and young girls in the media is detrimental to our society. It puts the lives and mental health of women in danger and normalizes sexism and discrimination. Women must unite together to stop the hypersexualization of women and ensure that all women feel important and beautiful in their own bodies. What is hypersexualisation and sexual objectification? Hypersexualisation,…show more content…
But, the truth is that these shows only normalize the sexualization of young girls. When girls view these TV shows they begin to think that their worth comes only from the clothes and makeup they are wearing. They begin to realize that the skinnier and sexier you are the more likely you are to succeed. Girls assume a tan, slim, curvy figure is “true beauty.” Because young girls see this skinny ideal eight out of ten young girls are already on diets.…show more content…
Together girls can exceed society's expectations. Girls must address the issue of sexism and gender biased. Women must not compete or diminish other women, this only makes hypersexualization seem acceptable. Girls should know that the only validation they need for their bodies comes from themselves. (“The Sexualization of Girls: What Girls Can Do.”) Boys and men must also fight against hypersexualization. They need to be a supportive ally and speak out against objectification. They, themselves, must not value a woman only on her appearance. Parents play an important role in this process. Parents must teach their children how to identify sexualized images and recognize the signs of sexism and discrimination. Here is the coding system to identify sexual objectification , 1. Does the image show only part(s) of the sexualized person’s body (part stand in for whole.) This means only showing a woman’s breasts or legs. 2. Shows a sexualized person’s body as a stand in for an object. 3.Shows a sexualized person as interchangeable. Such as, treating women like a vending machine. 4. Affirms the idea of violating the bodily integrity of a sexualized person who can’t consent. 5. Sexual availability of the person is their defining characteristic. 6.Shows a sexualized person as a commodity (something that can be bought or sold.) 7. Shows a sexualized person’s body as a canvas. (Heldman.)

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