Analysis Of Lady Saw's Song I I Got Your Man

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Lady Saw’s song based on its applicability and relevance for social commentary on the present day Caribbean. Jamaican Dancehall over the years has continuously been used as a method of mass announcement that declares unswervingly to society, as an artistic form of remonstration. A demand for change is intensely ubiquitous and easily absorbed by listeners if this genre. It is most times used for ethnic construction and broadcasting of thoughts that reflect realities of their creators. Lady Saw’s song “I’ve got your man” can be applied towards this category. Of the aforementioned it has become abundant in the radical change in women of society today compared with those of long ago, an increase in issues surrounding infidelity have taken hold…show more content…
Depicting the ability of her gender group to control their lyrics and rhythm by being as aggressive, rough and confident as well as any man. Independence can lead to towards taking over the dancehall universe and attaining success as an accomplishment in a male controlled space. Dancehall has been typified by its ghetto creativity and appearance which women are not expected to be part of as would bring about their labelling as lewd and vulgar. The dominant Saw has become a portrayal of what a Caribbean women are aspiring to be. Conventional roles which correspond with traditionalist expectations are apparently being rebelled against for the empowerment of Caribbean females. This is seen in their mode of dress or undress which mostly apparent, crass, coarse language and exposure and broadcasting of their sexuality. Women have changed many aspects of tradition which has led to the upheaval of male control in a masculine dancehall world. Women’s have advanced so far in society that the part they were cast for is not the one which they play. They now partake in everything men were always permitted to, as a means broadcasting that “whatever you do we can do it too and we can do it better”. She further goes on to sing: “I got your man and you can’t do anything about it You may think he is coming' back to you but... I doubt it, Don’t make no sense, you even call your man,…show more content…
“Shit” here in another country or region will be referenced to excrement but in the Jamaican dialect here it speaks of a woman’s private, her vagina. It may be interpreted different but the message behind it is brought across. This brings the point that the Jamaican language can be used in music to create a platform for expression of feelings towards social, cultural and economic concerns. Catchy phrases are used to place emphasis on these is basically a portrayal of the power language has in voicing opinions and helping with identity creation. Language is an illuminating space which Saw makes use of in expressing liberally to society “I got your man and you can’t do anything about

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