Ambiguity In The Lovely Bones

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Ambiguity Ambiguity was not incorporated into the plotline of this novel in order to create confusion, but rather to show how characters are able to blossom even through a limited telling of events. Expectedly, the occurrences in daily life are dictated by clarity and simplicity , but the telling of events in this novel are able to disprove this claim. Without any prior knowledge of Susie, readers are able to interpret what kind of person she truly is, because the novel begins with an explicit telling of her murder. The first chapter is able to clearly show how naïve she is, which is shown in contrast against her maturity and wiseness – she follows Harvey into the underground room, yet knows that she is going to die in the midst of the rape, where she still had a viable chance of surviving if she complied to his every demand. After her distinct rehash of what she felt, saw and touched before the…show more content…
Although this account is quite ambiguous, it can be inferred that Susie’s body was dismembered after her murder. Even though she died, heaven was a place where you could achieve the impossible, in this case Susie being able to put herself back together from a previously broken state. This is a solid representation of Susie’s drive to stay alive and continue to accomplish a satisfying existence. Even though she could not fight against Harvey, her will to live is demonstrated thoroughly through this ambiguous statement. The Inbetween is mentioned many times in the novel, as narrated by Susie Salmon. Readers are not given a clear description of what it is, nor exactly where it is located. As defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, it is, “situated between two extremes or categories.” This may be interpreted as the location between life as a human being on Earth and life as a spiritual being in a higher place, better known as ‘limbo’ to

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