Othello Vs Rebecca

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The theme of true love has long been a theme explored in many texts and in many genres throughout the ages. It is often considered the purest form of love, one that is black and white without fault, where the protagonists engage in a cliché of a happy ending. However the texts The Lovely Bones, Othello and Rebecca all share a common trait, their depiction of true love is in no way black and white, in no way actually true love and often do not end in happy endings. A common complication within the realm of true love, is the unexpected inclusion of a third party figure. These figures often fill the relationship of a couple with strife, distrust and often juxtaposes the beginning of a relationship that we were presented with. One of the more…show more content…
For example they both wish for the heroine to be killed, while Iago achieves this through Othello, Mrs Danvers does not prevail when it is shown her attempt to have Mrs De Winter kill herself “There’s not much for you to live for” and “Why don’t you jump now and have done with it?” This emotive language conveys the diabolical nature of Mrs Danvers, who just like Iago is jealous of his peers. They use the love that the protagonists have for one another against them, whether it be jealousy or mistrust, both relationships are completely changed forever due to these third party influences. Due to the inclusion of Iago, Desdemona and Othello go from a loving couple that would do anything to be with one another, to them both dying, similarly Mrs Danvers inclusion in Rebecca warps Maxim and Mrs De Winter relationship from one where Mrs De Winter idolises Maxim, to one where they become more equal in status, with the penalty of having to hold the burden of knowing about Rebecca for the rest of their lives. In light of this the character of Rebecca (although not appearing in text, only being spoken of) also seems to terrorise the relationship of Maxim and Mrs De Winter but not as a third party character but more like a phantom looming over their relationship who fills Maxim with fear of love that leads to him pushing Mrs De Winter away from him on numerous occasions in the text “You don’t love me, that’s why you did not feel anything” Rebecca becomes an otherworldly force that almost destroys a relationship “Her shadow between us all the time.”, and certainly changes it forever; we all observe Iago manipulate Othello making him push Desdemona away from him [Othello

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