Susie Harvey's The Lovely Bones

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Meet our hero of the story, or rather the ghost of a girl who’s been through much for her age, Susie “like the fish” Salmon. Susie Salmon was murdered December 6, 1973, by Mr. Harvey, her seemingly normal neighbour. It was a cold and snowy afternoon, Susie took a shortcut to get home as she was already late for dinner. She marched through the cornfield to her suburban Pennsylvanian home. It was here she was confronted by Mr. Harvey. Mr Harvey had built an underground shelter, which he led her to believe was a clubhouse for all the children to enjoy. He lured her underground with promises of snacks and entertainment. It was then, after Susie realized much too late that something was wrong, that Mr. Harvey murdered and raped her. Suzie lay in…show more content…
Meanwhile Buckley, Susie’s four year old brother comforts the family and becomes the glue which holds them all together. Even with Buckley’s comfort Jack, Susie’s father is unable to let his daughter go. Her mother, however, lets the family go altogether. She moves away and leaves her family to find peace on their own. Without his wife at his side, Jack becomes obsessed with finding the killer. He spends most evenings stalking potential killers. However, it is not his detective work which finds the killer, it is his promise he made to Susie. In the last weeks of her life, Jack promised Susie he would develop one film a month out of her box filled with many films. She was an avid photographer and took pictures of everything that surrounded her. In fact one evening while she was taking photos of the rose bushes in her neighbourhood she accidentally captured Mr. Henry watching her. It was while looking at this photo Jack realizes Mr. Henrys desire for Susie. A confrontation between the two men, end in Jack’s arrest. No charges were pressed, however, Jack’s image was…show more content…
Henry became hungry for the hunt once again. Susie’s sister Lindsey now older then Susie was at the time of her death became Mr. Henry’s target. He begins stalking her, creating a new structure to entrap his newest victim. Lindsey becomes suspicious of her seemingly normal neighbour and sneaks into his house when he is absent. In his house she discovers Mr. Harvey’s trophy book. It contains the plans for his sisters murder as well as a lock of her hair. Mr Harvey comes home earlier then Lindsey expected and she narrowly escaped his clutches. She brings the book to her grandma, however, Mr. Harvey is already long gone. Justice is however served when he tries to entrap another victim. While trying to lure her to her death an Icicle falls from a tree causing Mr. Henry to fall backwards over the edge of a cliff, ending in his

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