The Lovely Bones And Hamlet Essay

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The main story line revolves around the topic of death. Without the murder of a close family member, the two stories would not be complete. In Hamlet, King Hamlet is murdered and Susie Salmon, in The Lovely Bones is murdered too. The deaths of these two individuals are brought up right at the beginning to demonstrate how significance the theme of death is. “I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973” (Sebold 5). As well as in Hamlet, “Thought yet of Hamlet our dear brother’s death...” ( 1.2.1). King Hamlet is described to in the form of a ghost who speaks to his son, Prince Hamlet to let him know of the situation of what happened to him. Although, the main character is not killed and in ghost form as it is in The Lovely Bones, the people surrounding the main characters in both tales deal with…show more content…
The ghost informs Hamlet that King Hamlet was taking his usual nap and dying whilst sleeping is out of control. The defense mechanisms are not fast enough to respond to the act of killing. Susie had no control of her death. Some may argue that she brought herself with her two feet to the door of her death because she allowed herself into his home. However the act of rape, is overpowering to a young girl. In the two scenarios, the murder of King Hamlet and Susie were complete by the people who were close in distance and/or by blood. A loving brother would be the last person to assume to be the person who killed his brother. A neighbour, who has perfected his emotions, would be out of the suspicions made by the family. Susie is the narrator of the novel who appears to be in the state of a ghost watching her family struggle on with their lives after the death of their daughter and guiding them to the answers. King Hamlet appears in the form of a ghost to communicate that he was killed in a hostile way. Several details regarding the theme of death are identical to these

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