The Law Of The Plains Short Story

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Two Page Short Story Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Law of the Plains A man can elope with a married woman, a maiden, an unmarried woman or a young girl, so long as when he is found, he would be able to flee into his hut with his lover. If he manages to flee, the lover becomes his forever and no punishment would be bestowed upon him. If he is caught, he would have to die and no apology would be owed to his family. That was the law of the plains. Nantondo was born in the plains, where recognition was based on one’s ability to show might in wealth. His father was rich with cattle. This meant that he would not find it difficult to pay dowry when he grew up. The village in the plains valued matrimony so much and…show more content…
Nantondo would sit by one of the paths and wait for Janice to pass. His main problem was to express to Janice how much he loved her from the time they were born when their parents were great friends. Janice was a girl that any man would not fail to admire. Her roving eyes sent shivers across the chests of men. She was very slippery and any man who attempted even to shake her hand would remain disappointed as she was careful to select her company. During this time, Janice was not a happy girl. She would sit on her own, lock herself in her room in her father’s house and cry out her soul. Occasionally, she would only smile at Jammah, the love of her life. The love of her life he was indeed, but with little fortune as Jammah owned nothing. Even though Janice and Jammah loved each other, nothing much could be done, as Jammah was too poor to pay bride price. At times, they would talk in low tones along the flowing wind of the…show more content…
My father could not have accepted dowry from that confused man in the name of marrying me over, ‘’ she said with tears rolling down her chicks. Nantondo’s parents had already paid dowry for Janice. All they were waiting for was to marry her off as soon as she finished her college education. Many in the plains did not like Nantondo. He was stout and boastful because of his father’s wealth. Girls in the village rebuked him as a man who was too lazy to wash his face. Indeed, he was a lazy man. Janice loved Jammah because of his ability to see beyond what others could not see. One day, Jammah called Janice and reminded her that despite the fact that he was not rich, he still stood a high chance of marrying her before Nantondo could. Jammah told Janice, “If you believe in God then you should know he will never let you slip off my hands. I surely know, the law of the plains shall surely save us!’ This was the greatest news for the two lovebirds. That night, Jammah prepared his horse and set to go and bring home her lover. He waited in the middle of the night when everyone in Janice home was asleep. He sneaked into the compound and went to start fire at the silos. The fire was meant to distract the attention of Janice brothers from her room, so that he could carry her

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