What Is Amir's Relationship In The Kite Runner

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relationships with each other which causes jealousy, wrong doings, and then the struggle for forgiveness. Amir struggles with this the most. His internal conflicts of where he wants to be in his relationship with his father, Baba, causes him to make some wrong decisions which later reflect his friendships. Amir longs for the close father son relationship from Baba, but his desperation causes him to lose a loyal friend that would always stick up for him, Hassan. By the end of the story, Amir’s biggest burden is his guilt and being able to forgive himself. Amir was always trying to prove himself to his father, Baba, because his mother died after she gave birth to him, and he feels responsible. In this effort, he seems to come up short, and…show more content…
He always goes along with what Amir says and looked up to him growing up. Hassan was a true friend and would always try to stick up for Amir, but Amir never returned the favor. One day Amir and Hassan were out and they encountered Assef and his friends. Hazaras are people they should not be associated with and by Amir doing this, he is “part of the problem in the country.” Assef wants to eliminate him so he takes out his brass knuckles and intends to hurt Amir. As this was happening, Amir, the narrator, says,”I looked in his crazy eyes and saw that he meant it. He really meant to hurt me….I turned and came face to face with Hassan’s slingshot (Hosseini 41). Even though Assef was bad-mouthing Hassan, his concern was making sure he would not hurt Amir. Hassan cared for Amir like a big brother,and Amir did nothing for Hassan. For example, when Hassan got raped and Amir was there watching it, he ran away and did nothing to help, he let it happen. Then even after that, instead of helping Hassan cope like a friend should do, he basically kicked him to the curb. He stopped reading to Hassan and interacting with him completely. Amir justified it by saying,”Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba (Hosseini 77). Hassan would have done anything for Amir, who completely turned his back on him just to try to win his father Hassan which was never actually a competition in the first

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