Essay About The Great American Road Trip

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The Great American Road Trip Basic facts about the US The united states of america is a big country. The US is the fourth largest country in total area on the world with a whopping 9,83 million square kilometers filled with over 322 million inhabitants which also makes the US the third biggest population. The capital city of the united states of america is Washington, D.C. The US is so big and it has over 51 states and the biggest of them all is Alaska. So the US is enormous and I can’t explore everything so i've thought that I would visit the most popular places and the most attractive ones. First blogpost "Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road." So said Jack Kerouac, a man who knew a thing or two about that most evocative and enthralling of adventures, The Great American Road Trip. I’ve always dreamt about going to the US, to see the golden gate bridge it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I'm thinking that my road trip doesn't need to be to planned because then it will be more fun to discover new stuff and just follow the “flow”…show more content…
I felt so excited to there because it’s very big city with a huge amount of people and it’s gonna feel so different to what i'm used. When the plane landed I was so excited because this moment was only a beginning to a whole new journey. The airport of San Francisco was so big and it was full of posters and commercials on tv screens. But it felt like everything was going so fast and all the people seemed so stressed and they all were in a rush. Onces I figured out which way the exit was I started to look after a cab to get me to my hotel but it was very busy and hard to keep an eye on everything. When I finally got my hand on cab I told the driver to take me to my hotel. Once I got there i decided to take a show and to sleep since I was tired and exhausted because of the long
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