Examples Of Motivational Speech

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Introduction Hook Racism is part of human nature; we all judge the environment and people living in it under a personal lens. Therefore, our opinions on people are shaped by our views and values, which naturally leads to preferences to some over others. Background Information Past and Present(Obama’s speech) Therefore, two most motivational speeches were “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King and “ The Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln. These two speeches were said by very important people that hoped that one day will change the human world. On October 16, 201l Barack Obama made a memorial dedication for Martin Luther King Jr. dedicating that the United States of America has been successful during the years and how Dr. King was a big part of that. I believe our nation has been determined to kick out and…show more content…
I conceive this as a negative thing to a child’s mind because the only thing they see is the coloration of the doll. Like for example if the doll is black they consider it as a malevolent person and that's okay because their only children and they really don't know that they're putting their own race as if they were just a lower thing, but I believe once they will grow up and mature they will find out the everyone's identical and an a balance level. Counterargument However, critics might believe that our nation still has that racism and that nowadays people are turning even worst . Commentary However, Obama brings a good point in the middle of his speech by telling us ”...across this nation every single day, as people of all colors and creeds live together, and work together, and fight alongside one another, and learn together, and build together, and love one another.” Concluding

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