The Importance Of Women In Society

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Women Women have to deal with menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Women have to handle many hormonal stresses and also have to navigate their interactions with men. Men can either be an added stress to women, or a source of support, depending on the person. When women need help, some men are there to give them what they need. Some men are pleased to protect, defend, and carry women's burdens on their shoulders. Some women will use and abuse men. Others will let themselves be used and abused by men. Still now, in many countries, women do not work. In developed countries many women, on the other hand, are on the job market or are seeking careers. Most individuals on the job market are men. However, in some societies, women also…show more content…
Most men can rely on women for many purposes. Most men work hard and so do women in different ways. In some countries it seems that men have less legal rights compared to women. Some women say they suffer and use this to trap men. Women tend to find ways to get what they want from men. Men in God’s eye are all seen as equal. Some men may believe in religion. For others, women are their religion. Some people believe that men were made before women therefore, have more rights than women. Men in society are first boys, then husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. Most of the time, men are bigger and stronger than women. Affairs between men are also increasingly common . Men are also as intelligent as women but they use their intelligence differently. Men need women to reproduce. Some men consider themselves to be soldiers who must protect their Goddesses (women). Human Discussing men or women still involves describing human characteristics. Describing how it is to be a human can be difficult. One may start by saying that it involves having a body and a brain that provides many functions. Each human has their own body and brain size. The human body is different than those of other animal species. We use tools
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