Narrative Essay: The Five Basic Skills Of Survival

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The Five Basic Skills of Survival There are numerous outdoor skills to be acquired, but there are five basic skills and areas of knowledge that should be studied and practiced. Even if you are not a Prepper, per say, knowledge of these five skills could one day save your life during unexpected scenarios. Just remember to always plan ahead, think outside the box, and never be afraid to try new ideas. If you cannot find it, MacGyver It! 1.) Fire: The ability to access or create fire is paramount to outdoor emergency and survival situations. It can warm you, purify your water, cook your food, provide a light source, protect you, and even act as a signal for your rescue. Every person should possess the knowledge and/or resources to make a fire. When putting together an emergency kit or survival kit you should include at least two methods for making fire. My personal survival bag contains four methods. a. Waterproof Matches b. Storm Matches c. Fire Striker d. Magnifying Glass (Another tool, optics, or glasses) 2.) Shelter: This can be any cover to protect you from the elements; such as, proper clothing, headwear, and if necessary the ability to build a shelter outdoors for an extended period of time. The sun can be friend or foe, and of course rain, cold and…show more content…
Any item that attracts attention can and should be adapted for a signal. Fire, flashing lights, bright clothing or markers, flags, mirrors, whistles and radios are just a few common ways to signal for help. Three fires in a triangle are a common distress signal, as are three lines spaced evenly out, and of course SOS spelled out. Also, if you familiarize yourself with the SOS signal, you can replicate the pattern with a lantern or flashlight and some of these already come with a pre-programmed signal built in. Below are a few examples of what I carry in my survival

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