Thesis Statement Of Terrorism In Singapore

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Thesis Statement I agree that terrorism is the single most important threat to Singapore today because it will potentially cause many innocent lives to be lost, cripple the economy and disrupt the normalcy in our lives. Introduction Singapore, our homeland, also known as the “little red dot” has a population closed to 5.7 million. She is also known to be the top financial hub in Asia after over taking Hong Kong . As many foreign investors setup their business here, Singapore is therefore a valuable target subjected to any terrorist attack. As mentioned by our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong “Terror attacks have already rocked Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and sooner or later, somebody will break through." Relating to this, lets now see what will be the impact if such an attack due penetrate our nation.…show more content…
For example, the first successful attack that took place in a nightclub, named “Movida” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 28th June 2016 . Although there were only 8 personnel injured in the grenade attack, but it clearly demonstrated the capability of the terrorist. Another example was the bali bombing that occurs in 12th October 2002, killing 187 and injured more 300 people. It was also called “the worst act of terror in Indonesia’s History.” In the cases that happen in Philippine, 1 was killed along with 17 injured in its country’s largest mega mall, Glorietta shopping mall in Makati City. Although Singapore had not suffered any impact from the act of terrorism yet, there have been several plots planned to be carried out targeting both the soft target and hard target. Here the soft target refers to the people and the hard target refers to the key installations. Fortunately, these plots were foiled before they could be carried out. Imagine how many innocent lives could have been lost, should the bombing take place during morning peak hour at Yishun

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