Masculine Gender Roles In Beowulf

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Masculine roles in society are associated with strength, aggression, and dominance, while feminine roles are associated with passive, nurturing, and subordination. This is because society perceives men to be superior to women, so that women can serve their man and cater to any need, be there to fill in what the man cannot. Beowulf’s story line also follows suit to society’s stereotype, while strong, confident, and arrogant briefly describe the self-assured men of Beowulf, the women are looked at as frail or insignificant in the masculine, death-centered world they live in. The men of Beowulf not only present themselves as most importance but also stated in Bewoulf, “attention is first attracted to male characters in the poem since, in that masculine-oriented society, only men can assert themselves in dramatic moments as warriors and decision makers”…show more content…
A peace weaver is a women who married someone who is an enemy or from an opposing tribe in order to establish peace between her and his family. The marriage was only to be a political arrangement to make hostility between two warring tribes subsides. Back to Queen Wealtheow, she Married Hrothgar who just so happened to be the enemy of her people. Not only did the Peace weavers keep peace by siding with the enemy but also kept peace in their individual marriages also. The women were loyal to their husband and marriage and pledged to obey them. Calling it a sacrifice would be an understatement for the women. Marrying someone solely to gain peace in the tribes or between the tribes. Marriage is said to be loyal in Beowulf, which means until death the Peace weaver is willing to take a chance and be with someone for the better of the land. The peace weavers play a huge role that is over looked because of the dominance the men provide in the text, it is easy to lose sight in what the women do and how they obey the needs and wishes of those around

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