Internet's Influence On Presidential Elections

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Public exposure, social influences, and social media are three ways that the internet has impacted the public opinion in presidential elections. There is more data on the web than there is anyplace else on the planet, and can be comprised and seen by anybody at any time. Social influences alter the minds of public opinion and voting behaviors, via celebrities, culture, and emotions. Social media also has a great influence on the public opinion and voting behaviors, through Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. The internet does have influence on voting behaviors; however it does not have a more positive or negative influence on public opinion during presidential elections. The web has both a positive and negative impact on general assessment and…show more content…
The web can positively impact the popular assessment because of the measure of data that can be obtained in the short amount of time it takes to transfer and discover the data that one may be looking for. A person can upload information to the internet, which can be viewed around the world within seconds of an event taking place. This can be highly detrimental to the influence of the public due to the amount of false or bias information gathered. This is especially true about information that is eye catching and/or strikes an emotional nerve in one’s life whether it’s true or not. Negative information about a political organization or candidate can be accessed by the public remarkably fast, even though it may be false or inaccurate. Using the internet is extremely convenient to both presidential candidates and the voters. This convenience allows mass exposure to the public, which allows millions of people to receive the maximum amount of information on events or candidates prior to voting on Election Day. The ability to provide influence and manipulation of the public has made the presidential candidates greatly successful with…show more content…
The internet gives voters the ability to find information to help them better guide their decision on determining who to vote for. Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most used tools for influencing people to vote in one direction or another. Social media has been used positively by bringing people together and relaying information between each other as well as allowing Americans the ability to follow specific candidates throughout their everyday lives. Forums are meant to be useful places for people to discuss issues all over the country. Even though forums are meant well they sometimes become remarkably negative and provide people with false or negative information. The web has impact on voting practices; however it doesn't have a more positive or negative impact on general feeling amid presidential

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