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Although everyone in the nation is anxious to know, the day before the election, if the country will be red or blue, half of Americans don’t vote. The decision of many Americans not to vote leads to a misinterpretation of what America wants. The voice of the people is supposed to be the final decision at the heart of the democratic process, but half of Americans don’t let their voices to be heard. There are a lot of reasons why many citizens decide not to vote. The principal cause of this voter apathy is the lack of information about the elections, which does not let people see the importance of their votes and they do not realize that the outcome of voting polls have strong effects on our everyday lives.…show more content…
The numerous slander ads end up overshadowing the important issues at hand. Voters only are able to remember the vicious attacks and content in the negative ads that are cluttering television stations, newspapers, and internet sites. Negative campaigning erodes the character of the candidates to the point that voters have to decide to choose between the lesser of two evils. The candidates participate in live debates on some issues at the beginning of the race, but the negative ads cause the public to forget important issues. The voters feel that they are faced with only the negative aspects of the campaign. The candidates are not disclosing their objective when and if they are elected to office. This confusion causes frustration among the people that leads to the consequence that many Americans decide not to cast their votes and in turn, not have their voices heard. Americans citizens have to do a lot of things in order to be able to vote, and most of the times people do not have that much free time to spend in the tedious process of voting. We have a busy life and it is hard to find time to participate in the process of voting that requires us to do things such as: register to vote, research about the candidates in order to make a good decision and find the better way and time to vote. On top of that, people believe

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