Diego Sartorius: A Short Story

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One freezing morning in Wellborn Middle School, France. A 13-year-old dark blonde haired, gray eyed boy named Diego Sartorius. Sat in his four-legged chair in Science class. Waiting for the seconds to pass, from the rusty, ancient clock. While sweat dripped from his forehead. He could feel the droplets of water hitting his hands. Ending on the floor. He’s exhausted. He’s done. Listening to the blabbering of the teacher. He started daydreaming of playing soccer with his friends. Until the Science teacher told him a question, "So Diego, can you give me 1 part of the Circulatory System?" “Um" replied Diego stupidly. After some seconds went by, Diego replied to the teacher, "Give me a minute, will you." After minutes went by. The Science teacher got cranky and questioned Diego with a sterner voice. "DIEGO. Give me 1 part of the Circulatory System." "Um, the lungs," answered Diego. The teacher got crankier at Diego. Thinking Diego’s answers were lousy, so she told Diego in the sternest way possible to Diego, “No Diego, the lungs are part of the Respiratory System." "One of the main parts of the Circulatory System is the heart," Answered the teacher to Diego. "Oh, thanks," apologized Diego to the teacher. I felt Powerless. Embarrassed. Ashamed. Everyone is glancing at me. “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the school bell…show more content…
I stopped directly in front of her. Her friends were already coming to her, so I lightly touched her shoulder. She noticed my hand on her shoulder. Looking directly with her emerald eyes at me. Words from my mouth, surprising me, “Hey, I was wondering if you would, well…. go to the Winter Social with me?” Dannielle’s friends all whispered and giggled at us. Dannielle, the beautiful angel with her mischievous smile looked away. When she looked back, she giggled, her glittering teeth speaking, “Yes, of course.” My heart pumped recklessly. Experiencing God’s presence. Enchantment collapsing on me. Her laugh, smiling with

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