Importance Of Lok Sabha Election

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INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND CHECK From festivals to elections, India is a country of varied colors. It is always high on action as well as drama. The world’s largest democracy has held election for as much as sixteen times now. The sixteenth lok sabha elections were the highest witnessed till date. Elections are the core of any democracy. They are a tool for us to keep a check on the candidates, choose out leaders, who play an integral part in the law making process of the country. India was free in 1947, after a lot of tussle, pain and struggle. There was much more to come ahead. As per the constitution, India went into its first lok sabha elections in the year 1952. Indian citizens, who are above eighteen years old and registered in the electoral roll, are entitled to exercise their right to vote. The age limit for voting was changed from 21 to 18 after the constitution amendment act of 1988, which was unanimously accepted. This marked a high rise in the number of voters from the next lok sabha elections. RELEVANCE…show more content…
A democratic nation’s most important feature is that the people of the country choose their leader, directly or indirectly. In a country like India, it is very difficult to choose one leader, who represents the rich, and cultural diversity of the country. It is imperative for every citizen of the country to be aware of the candidates who opt to potentially represent the country on international grounds. It is these leaders, who work for the development and growth of the country. As citizens of India, it is our responsibility to vote for the deserving candidates. One wrong choice of the voters can be the cause of suffering for the entire nation. Thus, in the contemporary world, voting is an integral part of the elections, and is highly

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