Disobedience In Society

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Society’s mainstream way of thinking has cost a lot of advancement in the world. Whenever people think of leaders they’re usually labeled as honest, inspiring, outgoing and all the qualities a good “Mr. Right” citizen should acquire. It’s extremely difficult to find someone that describes a leader as mischievous, rebellious, disobedient or insurgent. That’s because people can be close-minded and not see a potential in these types of people. These leaders break the rules, deliberately go against the norms and have a different way of thinking, and all of that is true. However, different from others, they don’t do this to create chaos. They do this because they fight for what they believe, having no fear whatsoever. Their goal is to change a bad situation and create something positive out of it, introducing new ideas and concepts that will benefit society in the best way possible. Even though humanity views disobedience as a burden, the results of an action made from it was able to evolve society in a series of different…show more content…
The period between the 19th and 20th century was a hard one for black citizens due to the fact that they were still segregated from society, which resulted in the lack of human rights such as participating in the government, having a voice, sharing opinion and even being prohibited from sitting on the front of the bus along with the white people. However, all of this took a turn once a brave African American woman named Rosa Parks decided to disobey the law and quietly initiate a revolution by sitting in the front part of the bus and refusing to give her place for a white passenger. After that she was arrested and fined a ten-dollar fee. Maybe during that time people though she was just another rebel but little did they know that she became one of the symbols of the African American civil rights
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