Importance Of Government Essay

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“Government’s first duty is to protect the people ,not run their lives”, was quoted by former US President, Ronald Reagan. A government is a body that has the authority to make and the power to enforce laws within a community and is the system by which the state or the community is controlled. Government should ensure a secure and stable environment to enable innovation and development through providing security, and protecting against internal and external threats such as violence and conflicts. It should allow the citizens of the country to improve themselves in every possible aspect through quality education by creating quality infrastructure, delivering basic services for further development. Private affairs are matters of private or…show more content…
Government has the mandate from the electorate to implement policies and enhance the standard of living of the people. The government has a duty to ensure that its citizens physiological needs and safety needs are met. In addition, the government must ensure that it is economically responsible and that all of its activities are carefully monitored and sustainable in the long term both through employment and population patterns, through unanticipated crises and to protect the national borders. Many countries in the world today, faces security threats from international terrorism, foreign subversion and espionage. For instance, the government has the power to check private communications between individuals as part of anti terrorism measures. It even has the right to detain without trial so that suspected terrorists do not have any opportunity to inflict substantial harm. For example, Internal Security Department. For example, Internal Security Department (ISD_ of Singapore and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as It also has the power to control the freedom of speech especially where it may cause conflict among society. In particular Singapore being a multi-ethnic society, faces a major potential threat from communalism or racial and religious extremism and the government took action against teenage blogger, Amos Yee in a high profile case for making offensive remarks against Christianity in his Youtube
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