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Yes, You Can Still Enjoy Tennis Even if You Have Arthritis Osteoarthritis, more commonly known as arthritis, is a painful bone disease which can affect almost every joint in the human body. From the shoulders down to the hips and knees, it doesn’t exempt anything. There is no cure for arthritis and once you have it, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. Even if you have this chronic degenerative condition, you can still enjoy the wonderful game of tennis. One way to do this is to reduce the strain on your joints, enabling you to curb the pain and the inconveniences it makes you experience. It’s not the end of your playing days, you still need to take the necessary precautions. We’ve listed the following tips to help…show more content…
This is because clay is cushioned and puts less stress on the joints, particularly on the knees. Doing so will allow you to strain your knees less, and in turn, let you play longer and have a good time. Avoid playing on hard surfaces, such as concrete, since these will put a lot of pressure on your joints. Apart from clay courts, it would be a good idea to also play in artificial grass, natural grass, and rubber courts. Get the right gear When choosing the right tennis gear, always ask your doctor for advice, or better yet, talk to your local sports store. Apart from lightweight racquets, it would be best to wear cushioned and feather-light sneakers, and take advantage of padded armbands, knee sleeves, and elbow sleeves to help reduce the strain on your joints. Remember, if your gear isn’t arthritis-friendly, you’ll end up playing AND suffering at the same time! Master your fundamentals and basics Learning and mastering the basics will help protect your upper body joints and reduce unnecessary movement. This also applies to your lower body, particularly on your knees. Receive proper coaching and enough practice so you can effectively take your skills to the

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