Narrative Essay On Roller Coasters

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Every summer my family goes to a hotel with waterpark and theme park in Wisconsin dells. The first year we journeyed, we walked over to the theme park to check out what they had for rides. At Mt. Olympus four roller coasters. Also there is an abundance of go-kart tracks. I had never been on a rollercoaster. Pegasus is the smallest of roller coasters at the theme park not including the one for particularly young kids and those who are not tall enough to ride the other rides. I could have gone on Pegasus but I was being a scaredy cat and did not want to go. The next year we went back, and my older sister Rachel asked me to go with her on the largest of the roller coasters at the theme park named Hades 360. I was hesitant to proceed as I had never…show more content…
Thinking and wondering why I agreed to go and I decided to never embark on that roller coaster again, then we departed and found my family at the picture booth. We searched for the picture of me and my sister when we found it. My mother and my sisters chuckled and made fun of the expressions on my face and how afraid I was. Then my family, including me, noticed the contrasts between me and my sister and how we reacted on Hades 360. My sister had gone on roller coasters before, so she perceived what to expect, as she had gone on Hades 360 about two or three times before we went on it. A short time later, after glancing, at the picture we left and my mother had inquired me to portray the experience of going on my first real roller coaster. I would be obligated to announce it was exciting, but frightening it definitely made my adrenaline start pumping, something I would do again, but not that ride again right away. I would need to build my way up to that point again, so we were bound to check out the rest of the roller coasters in order of smallest to largest or least to most terrifying it would go in the order of Pegasus, Zeus, Cyclops and lastly, Hades

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