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Conclusion Successful Factor of Shopping Centre is the hot topic for the study of property and facility management field. The major scope in this study will be around the successful strategies and factor provided in small-scale shopping centre underneath composite building or commercial building in Kwai Fong District. Indeed, many studies have been done by scholars regarding the successful factor or successful keys of operation of large-scale Shopping Centre, yet detailed study related to such kind of small-scale Shopping Centre is found absent, just like our research topic is pretty rare also. Most of them have made a lot of effort in marketing strategies and other reason. In our research, we try to evaluate the tenant mix, different strategies…show more content…
According to our survey, it seems that the majority of our respondents is in young single group and most of the respondents are junior staff or student, those limited number of questionnaires are studied that the data may not be sufficient to present the whole sector, so analysis may not be fully completed. As a result, there are some biases from individuals or our group’s views. Through thoughtful study, more data would be collected and a representative analysis would be concluded accordingly. Looking back the case in our survey, tenant mix is a most important factor in small-scale shopping centres. A good tenant mix may generate pedestrian flow and maximize sales revenues for all the tenants. If the tenant mix cannot meet the demand and needs of target customers, the patronage of the shopping centres will have a negative impact and lead to only serve the consumers who living nearby residential…show more content…
It seems that most people would like to go to Metroplaza firstly to shop since they could provide them varieties of goods and trades. They could enjoy one-stop shopping experience there – eating, drinking, entertaining and shopping. The differentiation strategy of Kwai Chung Plaza place emphasis on target segmentation of competitive range of product diversification and affordable prices. This result indicated that the second successful factor of a shopping centre mainly depends on accessibility and the prices. In Hong Kong, the transportation network is well developed and all regional shopping centres are located in the main transport routes. Consumers can travel there by a variety choice of transport modes including by own driving in order to planned time

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