The Importance Of Tourism In Indonesia

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1.1. Description of the Venture Bali has become the most popular destination in Indonesia for both local and foreign tourists. Figure 1 shows a positive growth of visitors although in 2014 there was a slight decline. Despite the decrease in 2014, it attracted more than 10 million visitors in 2014 alone—6.39 million locals and 3.77 foreigners. Moreover, the number of foreign tourists from January to June 2015 already had grown 10.85% from the respected months in 2014 (Statistics – Dinas Pariwisata, 2015). Figure 1 Total Number of VIsitors in Bali These tourists are typically attracted to Bali’s amazing view and landscape. Opportunists try to capitalize on this and open businesses, such as upscale restaurants. Restaurants are the place where…show more content…
Some restaurants in Bali are just too popular that they are difficult to get a spot by walking in. Others may also require deposits to reserve meaning that the person has to go to the restaurants and give the deposit while it is still uncertain whether they will get the spot before they pay the deposit. Moreover, online reservation system in Bali is very difficult to find. Most of them are still doing it in traditional ways, such as through phone or walking in directly to the restaurants. These conventional ways are only exclusive to their own restaurants restricting only people who know about the restaurant that will book the restaurants. Aside from booking restaurants, Pesan Meja is also a medium to connect with other restaurants. Based on research, restaurant booking mobile applications have shown to increase the restaurants’ revenues (Baltazar, 2012). Pesan Meja has a strong competitive advantage to give users convenience to book online and guaranteed a spot once they come in. It also provides restaurateurs a touchscreen-monitor to manage the booking method for their restaurants to avoid overbooking. Furthermore, it is equipped with analytics of demographics and average time consumer spend in a restaurant for restaurateurs to better plan for their business strategy. For instance, should they understand more about their consumers…show more content…
At the end of 2013, there were 74.8 Internet users and expected to grow up to 102.8 million user at the end of 2016. Among these numbers, 4.6 million are online shoppers in 2013 and projected to grow 8.7 million online shoppers at the end of 2016 (Cosseboom, 2014). With all of these, Pesan Meja will use a high impact marketing campaign that will drive a tremendous amount of traffic to the website. As our team drives traffic to the site, it will be more accessible and gain trusts from restaurateurs to invest their websites on the mobile

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