Fashion Self Esteem

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"Every woman has the right and obligation to pursue self-improvement." This is a text advertising has become a slogan, media and star power many women under the influence of an increasing number of women in Hong Kong, at all costs, for beauty, cosmetics, plastic surgery and other surgery, the goal is to lose weight, breast augmentation, thin legs, filling the nose, pointed chin, eye surgery, and even change the shape and size of bones, as well as cosmetic acupuncture struggle, facial contours. And size, eliminate wrinkles and whitening, this beauty treatments and products for the pursuit of beauty and fashion, has become very popular, a lot of people at a higher price, even life-threatening to buy and try these products. For example, the immune…show more content…
This particular young men and women get married at the right age to be reflected upon. Based on a person's self-esteem and awareness of their own personal evaluation, but is heavily influenced by parents, families and the community. If long-term experienced outside of denial and rejection, individuals will not trust others, while refusing others will gradually reject and deny themselves, including their own bodies and minds are not recognized, such people tend to find fault with their appearance, body, behavior and conduct that are worse than others. Therefore, the choice is not just a cosmetic change to reflect Lianrong medical problem, it is the psychological problems, and low self-esteem or high ideals, the pursuit of perfection are closely related. Hopes to increase after cosmetic job, courtship success rate, improve their confidence is widespread mass psychology; blind pursuit of fashion, by peer influence and risk of cosmetic beauty treatments ignorance. Many in the community because of the temptation of media advertising and fashion trends, coupled with the experience of her friends, for cosmetic plastic surgery in droves. Although there have been many reports mention related tragedy, people still hold chances and think they would not be so unfortunate. The current project in spite of all cosmetic medical items, but not essential medical items, and most people are not keen on this plastic cosmetic aware of the risks that may arise, including the anesthetic accident risk, the risk of post-operative infection, surgical failure risks even at the cost of life and some people have a "cosmetic surgery addiction", namely cosmetic and plastic surgery over the phenomenon of addiction, especially repeated (more than twice) to modify certain parts of the

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