The Importance Of The Wilderness

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Wilderness belongs to you. Can you guess who owns millions of acres of American wildlands? Well, maybe surprisingly, you do. You own magnificent red-rock canyons and beautiful turquoise rivers. You own barren desert plains and looming mountain peaks. You own frozen Arctic tundra, endless southern wildflower fields and refreshing northern forests. Each and every one of these iconic places is part of your "grand American backyard." The term “wilderness” is the kind of protection that is given to the most pristine wildlands left on Earth. These areas include national parks and forests, recreation areas as well as other wildlands where no development has taken place. On the global level, lots of people have realized the wisdom in preserving our…show more content…
Not only does the is the wilderness our home, but in addition, wilderness is an essential habitat for wildlife. Obviously wilderness provides wildlife with homes, but it is also essential in providing migration courses and breeding areas for many animal species. Over half the ecosystems in the U.S. are located within designated wilderness areas. As a result, without places specifically designated as wilderness, it would be very difficult to ensure the protection of species. We all love seeing the delighted look of tourists who come back from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area telling stories of seeing a moose, wolf, loon, or bear for the first time! Keeping these areas protected allows these special moments to continue happening! Wilderness cleans our water and air. Wilderness cleans and filters the air we breathe and the water we drink through the natural processes of evaporation, precipitation, and filtering in rivers and streams. They also ensure that our watersheds are protected so that they can provide water resources to many cities as well as rural communities. If you are not looking a our area alone, few people actually live in close proximity to designated wilderness areas, yet many people are connected to them everyday. Each time we drink water or breathe air, we benefit from our wilderness…show more content…
Wilderness is a retreat from the weight we all carry of our quick-paced society. It gives us places where we can find refuge from the noise and crowds that tend to restrict us. Wilderness is a place for us to enjoy with our family and with our friends; in doing so, it allows us to strengthen our relationships and build long-lasting memories. For those of us who love a good adventure, it offers limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation. In the wilderness, we can watch wildlife, camp, hike, fish and take part in many other activities. This type of recreation in the great outdoors has proven to have countless benefits to our health, wellbeing and general

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