Demonstration Speech: How To Write A Thank You Note As A Speech

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The topic of my demonstration speech was how to write a thank you note. I chose this topic cognizant of my audience; the speech would be delivered to a room of my peers as well as our TA, Bentley. With this in mind, I tried to select a topic that wasn’t too obscure and somewhat applicable to everyone’s daily life, but not so elementary that the speech would be boring to listen to. Also, this speech was delivered to fulfil an academic assignment, not in a professional setting. Based on that situation, I wanted to find a topic that would firstly satisfy the assignment requirements, but also would not be too similar to the topics other students were presenting about such that the class would have an interesting variety of speeches to listen to.…show more content…
Because this speech was an assignment, it tended to be a bit formulaic, but I tried to use the formula to my advantage in a way that would help audience members follow the content of my speech. Yet, I also tried to deliver my speech in a way that didn’t seem to stiff and mechanical. With all of these rhetorical circumstances at play, I selected the topic I did, how to write a thank you note. Everyone has reasons to be grateful and should be able to appropriately express their gratitude in a thank you note, so it was an easily relatable topic. Based on my extensive experience with thank you note writing during my childhood, I was confident that I could deliver this speech authentically, and also felt that it wasn’t too informational for the assignment. Thus, I feel the topic that I chose was very appropriate for the

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