Richard Abraham's 'Simply Networking Means Nothing'

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Richard Abraham’s work Mr. Shmooze takes a look into a charismatic and outgoing salesman. This story discusses the key learning points of how to be a successful salesman. The over-arching theme of the entire work is great salesmen are made by giving rather than receiving. One of the main points of the novel is focusing your attention on others rather than on yourself. Mr. Shmooze goes out of his way, throughout the duration of the story, to truly get to know those around him and make their lives better. Chapter seven is titled “Simply Networking Means Nothing” and this is one of the essential points of Abraham’s book. Mr. Shmooze then goes on to explain this statement by saying, “Its not about the quantity of your relationships, its about the…show more content…
Shmooze has a personal relationship with him. From the bellman at the Ritz-Carlton, all the way up to the CEO’s of real estate companies, everyone in the book wants to be around Mr. Shmooze. Mr. Shmooze makes people happy and helps them be successful. By helping make those around him successful, Mr. Shmooze builds long lasting and valuable relationships. Another key learning point throughout the work is the fact that buyers only care about one thing and that one thing is their self. Mr. Shmooze states, “But remember, the buyer cares only about the benefit to him, personally” (Abraham 14). Mr. Shmooze shows the reader throughout the novel how important it is to show your buyer the benefit they will be receiving. When helping Clifton Insurance with their pitch to Allied Chemical, Mr. Shmooze constantly reminds the employees that Allied Chemical only cares about one thing and that is their own company. Abraham dedicates an entire chapter to express the benefit of catering to your buyers needs and elevating the experience they receive. No matter whom you are selling to, everybody cares about the benefit they will be receiving over anything else. Mr. Shmooze attempts to stress the importance of both getting to know your buyer and understanding their interests. The first major learning point from this novel is your relationships must be ones of quality as opposed to quantity. The second major piece of advice from Mr.

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