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La Haine is a movie that took place in France in 1995. The three protagonists, Vinz, Said and Hubert, are migrant who lived in the housing projects in the banlieue. The movie main themes are identity, repect, and violence. Their poor economic condition, low level of education, and ethnicity make them feel like a minority in the French society. They have no respect for other people and treated unfairly with a racist attitude. This causes them to hate anyone who is successful or doing good. This results in making them feel less than anyone else and cause hatred, envay, and jealousy. This insecurity of not having a good education, a job, and a good life standards or condition. Make them judge everyone else who is better educated, have a job, and a good living condition. They think the best solution to their problems or what will help them to gain other people respect is violence. Through out the movie you can see their struggle in everyday life. Examples to show this aspect, Vinz shares bedroom with his sister, Hubert’s mother can only do sewing to make a living. Some do illegal business, like Hubert and Said sell drugs, and Hubert’s brother is in jail. Those…show more content…
Here where I felt the director made the best use of cinemtography. The scene showed as if the three characters were split in seprate places. After it turned out, it was their refelction in the mirror. We thought they were in diffrent places because I feel there was an amazing technique with a close up shot only focusing on the three main characters. To make you feel as there were not together, also said using the phone made you think he was diffently in another place. Also a unique use of the mirror and their refelection. I think when the directer chose a wider angel, this is when we established it’s their reflection and they might be in the same place after all. The use of camera can really make a diffrence and convey something

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