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Chelle Bliss is the pen name for USA Today bestselling author whose real name is Rachelle. Before she got into full time writing, she was a history teacher for over a decade. The name Chelle Bliss came about when she started writing novels while she was a still a teacher and did not want the parents and students to know about her writing. Since her parents had always called her Chelle it was an easy choice as she only plucked her second name Bliss out of thin air. She has a bachelors in history and a masters in Instructional Technology. Nonetheless, she asserts that even as history has always been her first love, writing s her dream job and she would give up anything to stay a writer. Chelle Bliss loves to describe herself as a coffee fiend,…show more content…
The lead character in the series is Suzy a control freak that has planned her life to the smallest detail. She intends to work hard get married to a man with a stable job, with whom she will live happily ever after. She is happy with her life as it is until the plan is thrown into disarray when a man arrives to turn her life upside down. The man City had given up on live after he was left heart broken by a college sweetheart. He had since lived most of his life as the philandering bachelor spending most of his time at Inked the family tattoo shop and his nights hopping into the beds of different women. But after he meets one of the most extraordinary of women on a dark road, he thinks his philandering days may just be over. A night of lust and passion leaves both of them questioning everything they had ever believed in. Can their relationship survive the tornado of a big secret set to change everything? Hook Me the second novel in the series is a charming novel that introduces Michael Gallo a tattoo artist working at Inked, Even as he is employed at Inked, he believes he is destined to win an UFC championship and hence spends most of his morning training. Determined to achieve his goal, life throws him a curve ball when by coincidence he meets a

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