Short Story: Thou Hero You Need To Save My World

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"Thou hero you need to save thy world." The one standing in front of me was a teenager died in a car accident, he died a virgin so I was in my beautiful goddess form. "Oh, my goddess but of course, send me away." I sent him without waiting, I remove my goddess form and sit on my couch, my room is a white empty room, my room has a television, a couch and a table full of snacks. I open the television with my great god powers. "Open television." I don't need a remote but I do have one that I never use, I want to watch his adventure live so. "Live feed open." I don't need to say anything to activate the live feed but I have my principles like for example, I have to have a remote but I don't have to use the remote, I have to say the things I want.…show more content…
I am lying on my couch, I notice that there is a big red book under my couch, I pick it up and read it. "My Challenges" That's book's title, I made another version of me and that version was assigned with the job of making me entertained and this was his new way, a book of challenges, the first challenge is easy. "Making a person who loves his old world go to another world with their own decision, sounds easy." I summon a middle-aged man, that middle-aged man who lost everything in his old world but he still had a daughter to take care of, he died due to liver failure because of his alcohol addiction. "Where am I !?" He looks around but there is nothing to see except for an infinite white place, this man is simple so I turn to his daughter and walk to him. "Dad!" I yell at him, he runs to me and hugs me. "Thank god you are here, we were having dinner and I blacked out, you are okay right

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