Vietnam Coast Guard Case Study

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3.2.3 Vietnam Coast Guard During the past 16 years, Vietnam’s Coast Guard (VCG) has assumed a more prominent role, strengthened its capabilities, and changed its name. In September 1998, the Defense Ministry created the Vietnam Marine Police to enforce maritime laws across the navy’s five regions. This modernization has enabled it to expand patrols and increase its confidence in confronting maritime threats. The force has benefitted from Vietnam’s recent shipbuilding interest, because it has received newer, locally produced patrol boats. In 2013, the Vietnam Marine Police became the VCG in order to align with international norms and increase collaboration with other regional coast guards. The coast guard has evolved from operating a handful of former navy torpedo boats to having air support and tailored patrol craft capable of confronting offshore threats and monitoring Vietnam’s coast.…show more content…
Operating with a range of 5,000 nautical miles, a displacement of 2,400 tons, and a rear flight deck, the DN2000 enhances the coast guard’s ability to monitor its maritime environment and provides it a more versatile capability due to potential flight operations. In 2013, South Korea provided the coastguard with older patrol vessels, and in 2014, Japan announced that it would provide Vietnam six fishing vessels for shipbuilders to convert for the coast guard. The coastguard has increased its fleet to include modern patrol craft and will likely continue to receive added capabilities with help from local shipbuilders and the government’s as well as foreign partner’s emphasis on its maritime

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