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Bivariate Analysis of Factors The validation is calculated by the use of the IBM-SPSS Software Program (23) of the restructured data files for the number of respondents from the four villages. The inferential statistics carried out are based on the bivariate analyses which appropriate to the type of data involved which is mainly non-dichotomous categorical data or statistically named as nominal data. Bivariate analyses examines whether one variable relates to another, more specifically what the shape, direction or strength of the relationship is (cf. Weinberg &Abramowithz 2002, Leurs 2009). Bivariate analysis is meant to measure the association between two variables and not for causation. The result of bivariate analyses used in this research…show more content…
It refers to a group defined by its sociological and demographic characteristics. Social sciences use socio demographic factors to describe the profile of a particular group of sample or population. It is used to explain how peoples’ behavior towards a particular circumstances. In this study, among various socio-demographic factors involved, only three variables significantly influence people’s behavior in the utilisation of local community support institution. The three variables are relationship to the household, sex of the respondent and occupation. The following table 7.7 depicts the result from the conducted…show more content…
It is indicated that in the case of ‘profession/occupation of respondents’, a marked deviance of this general picture of distribution appears remarkably in the category of ‘private employee’in the relation to the ‘utilisation of traditional institution’ (75 percent in comparison with 47.5 percent respectively). The figure indicates that the private employees, who usually go for a profit motive activities, prefer to utilise traditional institution. According to an interview of the author with one of the elder people in the Sukamelang village, one of the main reasons why people utilise Gintingan, is because they would preserve the social cohesio among people at the community. Similarly, in Cimanglid village, the elder person said that ‘the threats to social cohesion’ becomes the reason why they avoid the use of modern institution, such as banking

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