The Importance Of Restitution

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With the amount of harm that is actually caused that is exactly what the restitution is seeking to do. This will hold that the goal of the criminal law that should be to force that criminal to compensate the victim for the harm that criminal had caused and to bring the victim as close as possible to a position that the victim was before the crime that had occurred. The restitution will essentially hold that the crimes should be treated just the same as the torts; "under a pure restitutionary system there would not be different laws concerning "private" and "public" wrongs."35 With the tort law or the contract law, the restitution has separated the society's broad on the interest in the preventing and the responding to any wrongdoing from…show more content…
What if the criminal is not able to pay restitution to the victims? The victim can "theoretically" take the restitution to the retributive of the punishment. That could mean that the criminal could be punished retributively and the rest would be able to pay their way…show more content…
It would be possible for them to be less deterred under the restitutionary system and that they are under the public-wrong system, they will especially when it comes to the crimes that they have committed for example: "rape or murder," there are perceived benefits of which, that are unlikely the crimes of someone's property, this cannot be erased by the forced compensation. Even though, this objection has ignored the practical reality. Overwhelmingly, violent crimes are usually committed by people that are living in poor conditions,73 now with the wealthy people they tend to commit nonviolent crimes to properties, 74 the would embezzle, while in restitution could be a very effective deterrent. There are the crime rates for the different "socioeconomic groups" these will be different and that will be depending on the type of the legal and the social structure that has been put into

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