How Did The Thirty Years War Affect Europe

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The Effects of the Thirty Years’ War on Europe The Thirty Years’ War is commonly known as one of the most destructive wars of religion within the Holy Roman Empire. Politics and religion had drawn Catholics against Protestants and Calvinists against Lutherans. The hatred from these different religious sides, and their determination to sacrifice all for their religious beliefs, resulted in a devastating and catastrophic battle. Although there were devastating casualties throughout Europe, many positive and influential outcomes of the war transformed Europe greatly. The Treaty of Westphalia, the rearranging of the national borders of Europe and the development of standing armies across Europe depicts the change in Europe. The Treaty of Westphalia was established in 1648 to end all hostilities in the Holy Roman Empire, Switzerland and the Netherlands. By repealing Ferdinand's Edict of Restitution and reestablishing the major component of the Peace of Augsburg, Europe experienced its first…show more content…
The rebellions in this war, and the war itself started change in Europe; it eliminated the influence of religion on politics. This affected the Holy Roman Empire as it was fractured after France became the hegemonic power of Europe. France advanced after the German states and the Spanish empire was weakened from the Thirty Years’ war. Since France was the hegemonic power at the time, it was able to manipulate the negotiation of the Treaty of Westphalia. The fracturing of the Holy Roman Empire allowed France to hold precedent over them during the peace talks and eliminated the influence of religion on politics. This is because the Holy Roman Empire was too fractured to be able to influence decisions. This is event changed the dynamic in Europe because it was the first time in a long time the Holy Roman Empire became injured to an extent that it wouldn’t have a role in manipulating

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