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Wayne Grudem’s book surrounds his focus on various important topics that explain how god and business intertwine for the better good. The book delivers a brief but very informative view on the aspects of business and with a great depth of biblical theology and the moral goodness in business when it is done with a good heart and good intentions. In his introduction you learn that his books his about how to glorify God while working in the business world. Grudem’s claims are that business can be good or bad and us Christians have two choices, to serve God by imitating him or to betray God by sinning. Grudem sends the message that business is not evil, as the majority of society perceives it, and explains how it truly is “A great way to glorify God!” (pg. 12). In each chapter’s opening statements, he writes, “Provides many opportunities for glorifying God, but also many temptations to sin”. He does an excellent job identifying how business can be used in the wrong way but provides the insight on how to avoid…show more content…
These nine aspects are summarized in Grudem’s two other topics, attitudes of heart and effect on world poverty. He explains how these aspects can be used to end world poverty and how it effects one’s heart while working in the business word. These principles are viewed by society as greed, immorally, and evil but Grudem’s main theme comes down to how they can be used to glorify god. "will find that in every aspect of business there are multiple layers of opportunities to give glory to God, as well as multiple temptations to sin" (17). Business and all the components Grudems discussed in his book are the basic but important tools that Lord instructs us to use to fulfill our Christian duties in succeeding to be a great

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