Bob Marley No Women No Cry

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Many musical artists tend to express their own thoughts and feelings through music conveying an important message to the audience. This message carries with it a strong importance that can influence society and our lives as well. The song “No women no cry” was originally recorded and composed by Bob Marley and the Wailers, released in 1974 as one of the songs in the album Natty Dread, it carries an important meaning to us fans that allows us to connect to the song in our own way. In addition, a popular reggae music group known as the Fugees has recorded a cover of the same song also adding their own twist in terms of lyrics and their overall style. Although both recordings of the song produced by Bob Marley and the Fugees carry a deep and powerful meaning with them, Bob Marley’s version of the song offers a more soulful and touching experience to the audience. To begin with, the Fugees “No women no cry” version of the song is the fourth single from their second album the score. Being released in 1996, it has brought the song back to life after Bob Marley…show more content…
In 1974, Natty Dread has peaked as number forty - four on the billboard’s black albums chart and stood at number ninety - two on the pop chart. Adding to the popularity, in 2003 Rolling Stone ranked the album number eighty - one on their magazine of the five - hundred greatest albums of all time. The Fugees also shared great success with their album the score where they held the number one spot on the billboard top two hundred in 1996. Both of these albums had great financial success over the years and has generated enormous amounts of profit from sales while the albums were hot sellers back then. The success of the albums and songs included in them were one of the best for its time and will be one of greatest albums ever created and known by the

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