Argumentative Essay On Syrian Refugees

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The report from the Syrian Center for Policy Research reported that 470,000 Syrians had died as a consequence of the Syrian civil war, Syrians evacuated from their desperate situation. There are some countries in Europe that helping the refugees willingly. However, Syrian refugees are being refused by a number of European nations due to the fear of cultural differences and terrorism. Nevertheless, the common sense of humanity and the endeavor in eliminating religious prejudice should be motivations for the governments of European countries to offer Syrian refugees assistance. Several European countries refuse to accept Syrian refugees by making claims about their own inability in accepting refugees, such as a weak economy and inexperience in…show more content…
They claim that taking Syrian refugees might bring a perilous situation to European countries since some refugees are possibly terrorists. After ISIS had terrorized Paris, at least 12 states in the USA rejected Syrian refugees to immigrate to their land. They are afraid that terrorists might disguise as refugees and commit terrorism. Beside, some European countries might claim that they might be unable to receive Muslim refugees appropriately because most Syrian refugees are adherents of Islam which is different from the most Europeans. According to the statement of Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, Hungarian will accept only Christian refugees. After seeing this evidence, there is no way we can agree with what they say. These claims fully conform to terrorist stereotype and display European’s bias against Muslims. It might be inglorious to avoid helping others because of religious and cultural differences. There is no solid evidence to prove that the refugees are involved in Terrorism, ISIS, or even terrorism in Paris. Furthermore, According to Viktor Orban’s announcement, it shows the religious and fear about the increasing percentages of Muslim in Europe which cannot be used as a reason for refusing refugees. Therefore, it might be unreasonable for European countries to reject refugees for reasons of religious difference and

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