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“I write in blood because I remember what it felt like to bleed” (“Best Kid Books” 27). This quote is simply telling us that Sherman Alexie doesn’t write just to write but he writes because the he knows what blood and pain feels like so he's trying to give those that have nothing a source of comforting because they know they aren't the only ones. Sherman Alexie is a Native American novelist, short story, filmmaker and poet. Alexie is a writer who targets young adults and teens who had a terrible childhood and he wants to give them comfort. Alexies style of writing is straightforward and uncensored. He is straightforward and uncensored because he’s not afraid to write about harsh topics such as rape, killing, blood, and poverty. Alexie could…show more content…
His books are appealing to teens because teens are about to enter adulthood and he wants to teach them about adulthood and how it isn’t good to see a child go through pain. He isn't afraid of using inappropriate language and sharing about his terrible past. The reason why he writes about what he’s gone through is so he can give kids that is going through or has gone through the same things as him, is to give a sense of hope when the have nothing. Alexie uses conflict and syntax to highlight the struggle that orphans go through in America because the lack of parents in their lives. First, Alexie uses conflict to show teens that parental guidance goes along way. For example, in the middle of “ Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood” a short story about how Alexie was a surprise speaker at a Alternative high school, and he talks about how the ceremony was boring and painful. During the novel he tells a couple of stories about a young girl who was a teen mother and how people doubted her but she ended up graduating college, one about…show more content…
For example, in the very beginning of “Flight” a novel about a 15-year-old half-Native American orphan, Zits travels back in time multiple times during different periods of American violence, which all lead him to reflect on his past and to confront his feelings of angst, loneliness, anger, grief, and identity. Int the end of the book, Zits finds himself back in his own body, in the bank before he once opened fire. Reflecting on the lessons he has learned, he leaves the bank and turns himself in. The novel ends with a new beginning for Zits. The author states, “ I’ve lived in twenty different foster homes and attended twenty-two different schools. I own only two pair of pants and three shirts and four pairs of underwear and one baseball hat and three pairs of socks and three paperback novels … and the photographs of my mother and father” (7). The type of syntax that Alexie uses

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