Factual Fallacies

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Logical and factual fallacies can be a crippling flaw for a great writer. When a writer has all the facts but connects them in a way in which the clause becomes illegitimate. When a writer has none of the facts but his clause is still illegitimate but is textually correct. When writing it becomes hard to prove that what is written is both logically and textually correct. Roberta Foit, a writer for The Onion. Makes indirect / sarcastic comments about writing fallacies in I’m Very Interested In Hearing Some Half-Baked Theories. Foit indirectly states that the problem with writing is from various factual fallacies. Misinformation, not breaking up claims, facts with un-reasonable explanations, slapdash research, and avoiding the issue of what is claimed; which are errors of affecting the truth, or factual fallacies. Gary Gutting writing What Do Scientific Studies Show published by The New York Times. Gutting states that problems with scientific articles represented in the media ties into the lack of scientific language marking importance, or relevance and size of the study. Which does not lead to mis-information so much, but textually the media makes wrong claims, by connecting one thing with another when there…show more content…
The article makes the claim “getting rid of women's periods saves them time, money, pain and stress, with no known medical downsides.” It leaves the openendedness that there could at some point in time be proven that uterus* owners do need to have periods, but with the support of the OB/GYN Alyssa Dweck as well as other medical professionals facts about this biological lack of need of menstruation. The author does include both her personal story as well as other women's personal stories with birth control to provide case study information, but all of these include medical professionals statements as
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