The Importance Of Medical Anthropology

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Based on Ramon del Fierro and Fiscalina Nolasco’s review, those people who studied about anthropology or the anthropologists view human as both biological and cultural creatures and are currently involved in applying anthropology, a sub-discipline of anthropology, is concerned with the health of human in various environmental and cultural contexts. The reason why the concept of culture is essential is because belief systems, cultural practices and other complex networks of variables account for actual behaviors. Every medical system is a cultural system and the knowledge on medical is available to all members of a cultural group, it is crucial to give cultural importance to the insiders perspective. People create meanings to their lives by…show more content…
It refers to health beliefs and practices which are a result of indigenous cultural development and not explicitly derived from the conceptual framework of modern medicine ethno medical studies of health intend to determine the insiders knowledge of various systems of healing by focusing on traditional healers and alternative medicine practices. The study of herbal medicines of four municipalities in Southwest Cebu, Philippines, a project which is part of a longer undertaking on natural products is an illustration ethno medicine. The number of marine and terrestrial sources that are both natural products, they are included in the group of substances which belong to complementary and alternative medicine practices. The use of herbal or botanical medicines which are not necessarily considered to be part of a conventional medicine whether the therapies are safe and effective for the ailments for which they are used as a concern in botanical and chemical research are the practices of traditional healers that can be considered a form of complementary and alternative…show more content…
In the countryside residents often seek the help of the mananambal for common ailments because biochemical care is relatively expensive and modern medical facilities and resources are concentrated in big town or cities. Belief systems and patients trust in herbal medications and in the healing power of the mananambal shape their decisions in choosing a treatment action. Traditional healers are believed to have a special connection with the spiritual world and that their healing power is derived from spiritual patron. Whether he/she specializes only in treating ailments of the skeletal and muscle systems (manghihilot) or in spiritualist healing (albularyo), therapy may also include the use of plants reputed to possess medicinal value. Confined to the identification and description of medicinal plants used by traditional healers for treatment in four Southwest municipalities of Cebu, an island province in central Philippines is the subject matter

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