The Importance Of Managing Change

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The interaction of human beings is an interesting aspect of our existence. Personality and different types we all possess play a huge part. This how we decide who like, who we dislike, and overall how we coexist with each other. There are many different types of personality types. Over types of these traits may change over time due to age, careers, or just different circumstances. Some of have similar traits while, some of our completely different. A personality change occurs when a person has a dramatic change in appearance, actions, opinions or feelings. (Bipolar Disorders, 2018. Para 2). Sometimes, these changes just happen without trying and sometimes these are changes that must be made. With age, we all change, the older we get, the more…show more content…
When dealing with relationships it’s a must for you to know who you are and who you are capable of being. At the end of the day we need one another, and relationships are what may help us prosper in life. Learning and knowing different personalities that you may have, and others around may have can help with managing change. We deal with many different changes in our everyday life. One day everything makes seem easy and the next things may seem difficult. It all comes down to managing change. People change just as our variety of personalities may change. When managing change, one must be able to recognize, adjust, and adapt to change. In all walks change can happen at work, relationships, schools, and just about anything else in life change…show more content…
Many firms struggle to adapt effectively to discontinuous changes in their external environment. Numbers of theoretical perspectives have been used to make sense of this phenomenon and to provide insights for established firms about how they can become more effective in adapting to discontinuous change. (Birkinshaw, J., Zimmermann, A., & Raisch, S. (2016) para 7). Adapting to change goes hand in hand with adjusting. Once you recognize, then adjust deciding what actions need to make, furthermore you apply the adapting aspect. This involve putting plan into action. After we have adapted to what changes we see need to make we can now manage change. Being able to manage change says a lot about yourself and those around you personality wise. At work we must adapt to changes our new boss may make. We may not like the changes nevertheless, we must follow suit. In relationships being married brings changes and adjustments. Once we adapt to these changes marriages often thrive and become successful. In school the jump from high school to college requires change and adjustments. When you adapt to the college environment and except the many challenges in contrast your likely to become an successful college

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