The Role Of Archivists

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Abstract: In the articles, they state the roles and responsibilities of the archive professionals which is public organizations were help investing in e-government development to increase the interaction and services to the people. The archives professionals are archivists that need them to act more pro-active to capture and manage records in order to be accessible to both in the present and in the long-term. Archivists need to understand the conceptual context and business processes in which the records are created. Professional identity is understood as a sense of shared understanding and skills, experience, common way of perceiving problems and their possible solutions. Keywords: Roles and responsibilities of the archives professionals,…show more content…
Archivists must cooperate and communicate with information technology professional to increase the value of the records. Although, the existence of the electronic records it helps to protect the electronic records. Archivists have developed automated techniques for managing the records and providing access. The Encoded Archival Context were developed by archivists for providing information about the creators of records and the circumstances under which such records came into existence. In addition, archivists need to give more careful attention to the needs of users and to ensure that technology enhances rather than obscures…show more content…
The role of archivists and the impact of our collective and individual decisions about archival selection, appraisal, description, and reference. Archivists must continue to speak out against such unwarranted invasions of public interest, and also to educate the public about the importance of access to public records. Anytime in a day user create new records and all the records that have been created need to manage, maintain, preserve and conserve to make the information in the records keep spread for the public user and the future generation. In archive all documents that have been registered as archive documents or material means the documents or materials has essential value. The archivists they have to do brainstorming to gain idea how to make people realize the important in managing the records in right way. So that in Malaysia all the organization include government or public sector realize the important to manage the records. It also to make the government or public sector realize the roles and responsibilities of archives

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