Whitney Houston And The Bodyguard

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Lawrence Kasdan is the author of The Bodyguard, which he debuted in 1992. Whitney Houston; a music superstar and one of the protagonists in the film started receiving death threats shortly after the film was released (Lawrence 12). To curb the fore mentioned situation, Kevin Costner reacted by imposing tight security measures. Other individuals that are casted in the movie include: Gary Kemp, Bill Cobbs, Ralph Waite, and Tomas Arana among others. First, Whitney feels scorned by Costner due to his tight security procedure. Never did she know Costner, who was an agent officer, knew everything about the security and was done for her sake. As time went on, Whitney Houston starts to accept Costner and his services. With time, they come closer to…show more content…
It’s a normal act that that applies to all businesses. Costner knew the death threat that was sent to Whitney was serious. He knew in a competing environment, participants apply all the methods without minding other people. However, when the two started to come along understanding each other’s intentions, the whole act of security became easier than before. Costner knew he was not only protecting Whitney as his client but as his lover, too. The fact remains, however, that interaction and behavioral changes play a major role in helping people come together and strive for one…show more content…
Racism was the main issue that was addressed and clinched to by most nations. The black/white relationship brought many controversies among people of different nations. A white person falling in love with a black partner was seen as abnormal. The two characters, Whitney and Costner, went against people’s expectation and built a strong relationship that shocked many. In a real sense, the movie helped enlighten people on the benefit of ending racism and the importance of people coming together. One can see that by coming together, especially from different races and cultures, there is an exchange of ideas and knowledge. Lawrence Kasdan brought the two races together with an aim of opening peoples mind on the benefits of ending racism. The Bodyguard is still relevant today; it brings the act of racism and discrimination. Still, some nations and people are practicing racial discrimination (Simpson, Brooks 44-73). Since the world is fighting against racism, the best channel to use is a film or social media. The reason behind using movies is they can reach millions of people worldwide. The Bodyguard plays this role of trying to end racism, since it’s one of the major themes throughout the work. The two main characters in the movie are from different races and, due to interaction, they understand each other well and end up becoming

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