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Booker T. Washington: Vocational Education and Economic Infrastructure vs W.E.B DuBois Liberal Arts and Political Advocacy is debate discussing molding the African American society into something more than property. Booker T. Washington who was a former slave until the age of nine and W.E.B DuBois who family weren’t slaves had two different approaches in improving situations for racial advancements, race educations and relation for African American. However, in improving the situations of African American; Washington is an advocate for the economic strategy, While DuBois is an advocate for the political strategy. Booker T. Washington took the vocational education and economic infrastructure approach. Washington was the principle and founder of Tuskegee Institute, an industrial school in Alabama. He rose to public importance during his address in “The Atlanta Compromise”. In his address, he told White America to provide jobs in the industrial and agricultural field for African Americans. While addressing this issue, he also told whites that blacks would no longer pusher for civil rights and equality. He believed that social and political equality weren’t…show more content…
The reason why Washington: Vocational Education and Economic Infrastructure is compelling to me, is because Washington approaches is easier to be obtained. White Americans weren’t too thrilled with the integration and acceptance of Blacks into White American life. The ideological approach of African Americans starting off with little to nothing and gradually working their way up to achieve the positions of respect and responsibility and then demand equality when it comes to civil rights and equality. At the current moment, we have more African Americans sitting at the table in City Councils, State Legislature, Government Agencies, U.S. House; yet blacks are still behind in all optimistic cost-effective

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