Argumentative Essay On Bullying

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Bullying A generation earlier, facing a bully or being a bully was part of ‘growing up’. When you face the bully it was meant to teach you to be resilient. As a bullying kid, you were asked to reflect upon your own actions when things go wrong beyond your expectations. In fact, both as victim and bully, you were meant to learn from consequences. It had also been a period when the bully was just another kid trying to have a sense of accomplishment over another kid. It had been a time when the bully was visible to the victim. Today there is an urgent need to be vigilant about this process because, the bully is now also the kid who is ‘popular’. The bullying happens when kids move about as ‘packs’. They are stronger and most importantly in most cases invisible to the victims. Children have a lot more unmonitored time and they live in the age of cyber space domination. It is no longer something to be brushed aside as harmless commenting on one’s appearance or rough play. It is time we’ listened’ to our children, investigate the issue and involve ourselves.…show more content…
As for now, it would make sense to have a strong parental network that would act as a sub social structure within the social mechanism of the children. When you know on a personal level the parents of the children your child interacts with, it is easier to approach the bully’s parent with a non- judgmental attitude. A collective approach in the upbringing of the kids is very much necessary in an age when parents are finding it hard to give their undivided time towards their child’s activities. Whatsapp is a very friendly app towards this effort. However it only helps to use it as a preliminary and immediate level of intervention. If bullying is persistent it is most effective for parents to approach the issue face to face between

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