The Importance Of Language Switching

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2.1. Overview In this chapter, the necessary background for some concepts as code switching, vocabulary retention, motivation, and attitudes are provided. The first section 2.1 identifies the historical and social factors which are dependable for forming alternate language patterns and describes how these language patterns happen among foreign language learners. Educators as (MacSwan, 2005) believes that CS only occurs in bilingual societies, but researches within this domain have expanded a great deal in later years and researchers look at CS not only as something bilingual and multi lingual use but also as something that takes place in our foreign language classrooms. The second section 2.2, discuses about the significant strategies to…show more content…
Myers-Scotton (1997) considers that the term of code switching is extensively used in linguistics and a variety of related fields. Because of the different concerns of formal linguists, psycholinguists, sociolinguists, anthropologists, etc researchers couldn’t share an appropriate definition for CS in all fields. Sometimes scholars refer to CS as alternation of syntactic or morphs-syntactic on language and define it in different ways as (Nilep, 2006) who assumes that the term CS refers to either bilingual speakers’ or language learners’ cognitive linguistic abilities, or to describe classroom or learner practices involving the use of more than one language, and considers use of code as a synonym for language variety. Code switching role in the bi lingual-multi lingual classroom as a teaching and learning strategy has been subjected to only limited attention. There are some reasons for limitation in use of CS in different contexts, and investigators as (Aguirre, 1988) believes that study of code-switching as a classroom teaching and learning strategy has been plagued with problems that stem from the conceptual complexity of the description of what type of code-switching is most productive in the bilingual…show more content…
Educators are leading supporters of code-switching as a teaching technique in the bilingual classroom as Jacobson (1975) who is careful to point out that his concern is only with inter-sentential code-switching and considers this technique as one of the most effective ways to improve learners` learning as cited in (Aguirre, 1988). According to (Heller, 1988), code switching refers to use of more than one language in a communication, and it has attracted a great deal of attention. Investigators have different ideas about employing CS among students, and one of them as Baker (2006) believes that a bilingual person can use two different languages, but one of these is often the dominant

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